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Now that you have made butter…and used it on all sorts of things, your question might be: what do I use the buttermilk for?

There are all sorts of things you can use buttermilk for…cornbread (stay tuned!), savory breakfast muffins, or our family favorite, pancakes.

You will have to pardon me, I do very poorly at measurements.  And my camera battery needed charging!

The second most important part of making pancakes, is choosing the right mix.  Bisquick just doesn’t cut it anymore.  There are lots of choices out there, including homemade mixes.  We happen to be gluten-free in our home and love using Pamela’s All Purpose mix.  But…even if we were not GF, we would still use Pamela’s.  Pamela’s uses almond flour as a base, meaning your pancakes will have a delicious nutty flavor in each bite.

I typically do not use eggs…just buttermilk and the pancake mix.  But you could certainly add an egg or two.

I just mix in enough flour (about 1 1/2 cups for four people) and buttermilk until the consistency is thick, like glue.  And then make.

Here are some of our favorite additions:
-Almond slices and cinnamon
And of course, don’t forget the homemade butter and real maple syrup.


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