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nacho cheese popcorn

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I love popcorn.  I always have.  But until I started making it myself on the stove with just the right kernels I never understood how good popcorn really is.

Corn seed has been heavily genetically modified, so make sure that you buy good popcorn.  Microwave popcorn has so many additives and chemicals from the butter flavoring that there is little nutritional value.
And popcorn is nutritional…it is a whole grain!
With that said, my daughter and I hate popcorn that is not fully popped.  Crunchy seeds in popped popcorn are awful.  Bob’s Red Mill sells a white popcorn variety that is perfect!

I experiment a lot with the flavors I put on my popcorn and this has come to be one of the best combinations that I have come up with.  Despite the name, this is one of the most healthy ways to eat popcorn.
Once again, you will have to pardon my measurements, they are far from exact.

Nacho Cheese Popcorn

If you want butter in your popcorn, melt about 1/2 a stick of butter; once melted, remove from heat.
(This recipe does not require butter, you can simply place the ingredients on the popcorn.)

In a large pot over medium heat, melt about a tablespoon of vegetable oil or lard.  Place about a handful of popcorn kernels into the pot and stir, gently covering with oil.

Cover the pot.  I do not shake my pot once it is cooking.  The popcorn will be finished when there is about 20 seconds between each pop.

Place popcorn in bowl.  If using butter, drizzle it over the popcorn.  Shake in some salt, chili powder and cumin.  Stir.  Add more if needed/desired.
For cheese flavor, add some nutritional yeast.  Stir, add more if desired.

Note on nutritional yeast:  It can find this in the bulk section at Whole Foods.
Nutritional yeast is really good for you, 



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