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hoping cold season passes soon

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I have to admit, we’ve been lucky this cold season.  No one had the flu, no one had the stomach bug.  Each of us has had three head colds.  I’m thinking that it has something to do with eating well and taking probiotics.

But, I had hoped that since the weather was starting to warm and spring is only eight days away, we would be done for the season.
It seems, however, that a (final?!?) cold has hit our family.

So what do you do when you try your hardest not to resort to traditional medical treatments but want to get better fast….

-Rest, REst, RESt, REST!
-Olbas products,
-We love their tea and oil, which we use on pajamas at bedtime like Vicks or in an oil burner or     steaming bowl of water.  These are very inexpensive on Amazon or VitaCost.

-Lemon and ginger infused honey tea!  This little blessing has all you need to get over a cold.  Take a gander at these items on the web.  You will be surprised at the health benefits found in these three natural products.  And the kids love it – now that is a product recommendation!
Here is the lovely recipe I use, I keep a jar in the fridge all winter and, I think, spring this year:

Here is to a healthy spring!


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