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body and beauty: homemade scrubs

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I have mentioned before that household products often contain xenoestrogen that can disrupt normal estrogen production in the body.  But did you know that traditional beauty products can do this too?  Not only this, but traditional beauty products can actually dry your skin out and are incredibly harmful to the environment.

So what to do?

I love a good a body scrub.  I’d like to share some ideas for homemade scrubs.  Below are three examples.  One hand scrub, a body scrub for the bath or shower and a dry bath salt/bath scrub.  The recipes are basic – the oil and essential oil combinations are really endless.
You will need to figure out what mediums you like best.  I prefer salt for hands, but sugar scrubs for body.  For hand scrubs I like olive oil, but for body I prefer jojoba, vitamin E, coconut, grape seed or almond oil.
I use Aura Cacia essential oils.  They have a large selection both at Whole Foods and online.  The recipes below have my favorite scents, but feel free to use whatever scent you would like.  Note: some people may get irritated skin if too much essential oil is used.  It may just be a certain type of oil or it could be all oils.  I recommend using a small amount and adding more if you think this may happen to you.
I usually use just essential oils but you can also add dried flowers or citrus zest to these scrubs for more scent and to make them aesthetically pleasing.  (They make great gifts too!)
It is important to store your scrubs in a glass jar and use within a month.  Because you will not add preservatives, they won’t keep their smells much past a month, though you can certainly use them longer.  If your jar has a metal top and you are using something acid in your scrub, like salt or citrus, be careful to keep the scrub off the metal top.
Once made, you can store scrubs in the fridge or at room temperature.  You may need to stir or shake before using to re-mix the ingredients.

Lemon Hand Scrub

1/2 cup salt or sugar
1/2 cup oil, I prefer olive for this recipe
Juice of two lemons

Refreshing Shower/bath scrub

1/2 cup salt or sugar
1/2 cup oil
10-20 drops eucalyptus essential oil

Relaxing Bath salts/bath scrub

1/2 cup salt
Enough oil to coat salt, 1 to 2 tablespoons
10-20 drops lavender essential oil


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