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I know that many people have had horrible experiences with beets as children.  These experiences are often associated with canned beets.  More specifically, canned beets that have been salted.

I was lucky.  My grandmother gave me my first experience of beets.  Her deep purple pickled beets were the highlight of any meal.  Her beets were pickled with cinnamon sticks and cloves and just the right amount of sugar.  I have never tasted anything so good since.

But beets can be used in so very many different ways.  I love to roast my beets, whole with olive oil, salt and pepper.  I serve them with a goat cheese sauce – goat cheese, lemon juice, and a jalapeno blended.

Or in a salad with grilled beef and vegetables.


Roasted beets and zucchini with quinoa and goat cheese 

5-6 red, chioggia or golden beets or a few of each, washed, bottom and top sliced off and cut into smallish chucks – no need to peel
4-5 zucchini cut into large chunks
2 cups cooked quinoa
1 large goat cheese log

Pre-heat oven to 350*
In a large baking dish, coated with oil of your choice, add the beets and bake for 40-45 minutes.
Add zucchini to dish with beets and bake until just tender (about 30 minutes).
In a large serving bowl, add quinoa, beets and zucchini mixing well. (Quinoa will turn pink from the beets.)
Add a bit of olive oil (and/or flax seed oil!) and pepper.
Add goat cheese in crumbles. How much goat cheese you add is up to you, we love it-so we add 3/4 of a large log, but some people don’t. You could also use feta if you prefer.
Mix well.
Add salt if desired.


 DSC01253 DSC01254


3 thoughts on “beets

  1. Hey there. Do you peel the beets after cooking?

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