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“love you more than beans and rice…”

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Beans seem to be my theme this week so I’d like to share a very sweet story with you all.

My partner, whom I mentioned earlier is from Puerto Rico, grew up on beans – lived on beans as child.  He’d eat chickpeas like popcorn, he makes red beans and rice like nobody’s business and let’s save his arroz con gandules for another day.

Our children have inherited this love of beans.

And so, it was a lovely coincidence when I found Te Amo, Bebé, Little One by Lisa Wheeler several years ago.  It is a sweet book about a mamí and her baby boy as he grows older.  The sweet little rhyme, repeated throughout the book, “I love you once, I love you twice, I love you more than beans and rice.  Te amo, bebé, little one.” is a favorite in our house and has been repeated to our children since they were very little.

Our children are older now, (still little though, at five and three and a half) and they still love this book.  It had been a while, but last week I took it out of the library again and we have read it all week.

Last week Thursday, while on their spring break, they woke up early.  They immediately woke my partner up and asked for beans and rice for breakfast.  What is a daddy to do?  Why make them, of course, and so off to the grocery store in pajamas they went to get some of the ingredients we did not have.

My children had beans and rice for breakfast thanks to a daddy that thinks nothing of putting their needs above his own.   He probably wanted them too.  But most of all, I think he wanted to share a memory with two little children who will always remember a daddy who took them to a grocery store at 6 in the morning because he loves them “…more than beans and rice.”


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