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connecting good ideas


I am a big believer in connecting the world.  Connection makes us closer as beings, it helps us to relate to each other and appreciate differences with understanding.  That sounds a bit lofty, I know, but I do believe this.  I also believe that this does not necessarily mean a grand gesture.  It may be the mundane: how to make our everyday lives simple and fulfilling.  This is why I share things that I find elsewhere on this interconnected world wide web – I am no genius and I do not have all the answers.  Sometimes I come across other things that are helpful, ingenius or inspiring.  I want to share those things too!

So, pardon today’s post.  It is not an original thought of mine, and to be honest, not all of my posts will be.  But I hope that they follow in the vein of this simple little blog.


I recently came across this lovely, cost-saving idea on the web and have to share it with you.  We have now tried this and it works.  We have incredibly hard water.  I’m talking about lime and calcium.  When we first moved here I ruined my brand-new set of glass cups in the dishwasher because the water was too hard.  I still need our drains and tub snaked every few months because of build-up.  The following works, though I do have to place a cup in the bottom rack of my dishwasher about 3/4 full of vinegar as a replacement to Jet Dry.  But vinegar is so much better than Jet Dry.

Homemade Dishwashing Cubes from Louise’s Country Closet




2 thoughts on “connecting good ideas

  1. Your reflections on interconnectedness of the universe strike a chord with me…your blog looks nice, peaceful. I’m often angry, but sudden joy appears as well. Takes all sorts, doesn’t it? Ironically, the web of life really shows up when one trawls cyberspace. 🙂

    • You are right. I have to find balance within this world wide web – I try to limit the time I am on when my kids need me, I try not to get too absorbed in it. But it also makes me feel connected when the world seems to be falling apart – Boston, Earth Day and remembering the importance of protecting our earth. I am hoping that this blog is a bit of peace within the chaos, as I strive to make our home a haven of peace as well. And I think that intentional living does this. When we live intentionally, people come…my father visited my home recently and was so taken with our friends who randomly stopped by, just walking in to our home without knocking, to chat, to sit and have some wine, to have a chat on the porch. I hope that this blog does the same thing. A good place to stop for a bit of reconnection and peace.
      Thank you for your comment!

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