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a bit of indulgence

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Every spring this mama has an indulgence.  It all started when I was working at Whole Foods.  I met a very dear friend there and every couple of weeks we would have a munchie night.  We would meet at my home with all sorts of random items we picked up at work.  Joyce and I are both fond of healthy, good food and so our munchie nights were full of it.  It was like a tapas bar with very little cooked food.
A salad of fresh, shredded beet root and carrots with a lovely vinaigrette, an angel hair pasta salad with lemon basil pesto, a new variety of Terra chips and my very favorite grapes and cheese.

Joyce has since moved to California and while we keep in touch, we have yet to do another munchie night. Yet, every spring, I break out the grapes and cheese.

Of course, I am not talking about any old cheese or grape variety. This is an indulgence I can only do during the spring because that is the only time when this particular variety of grape is available.

Muscat grapes can only be found here in NJ in the spring. They are smaller than most grape varieties, a pale green with just a slight blush of rose to the skin. They are very sweet but not cloying. They tend to be pricier than traditional grape varieties but are worth the price.

Cypress Grove Chevre is a cheese company known for their sheep and goat varieties. Their cheeses are slightly pungent, salty and a perfect compliment for the muscat grape.  My favorite cheese is a goat called Midnight Moon, which I try to pair with the grapes. Unfortunately, the Whole Foods near us did not carry this variety this spring so I went with their Lamb Chopper.

This lovely pairing is my favorite indulgence. It is not the most cost-effective indulgence, but, hey, a mama needs to spend some money on herself once in a while.

So, Joyce, this post is for you, I hope you get a chance to enjoy some grapes and cheese and a munchie night with some friends in Cali!





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