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refreshing summer snack

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Here in North Jersey, we have had a blast of summer weather.  80’s and humid.  The kids have played in the sprinkler several times in the last day or so.
And with this fabulous heat (yes, that is sarcasm!), I have lost a bit of my gumption to cook. This happens every time it heats up.
So I turn to salads, the grill and my crock-pot.

Today’s salad was a bit basic. Not that that is a bad thing, but I needed something to zest up dinner. To keep the family interested. Something to tango the taste buds. (I’ll stop now.)

This recipe (if you can call it a recipe, it is really so very simple), came from my lovely friend Jen. It is light and refreshing with a bit of zip. And great for hot and humid summery (or summer-like) days.

Cucumber-lime salad

1 cucumber
lime juice
chili powder

Slice the cucumber, sprinkle with lime juice and chili powder to taste.
Seriously, that is it!




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