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My little girl’s favorite vegetables are mushrooms and brussel sprouts. (I must have done something right!)
Last year, we were blessed with a master gardener, who just happens to be our neighbor and friend,that planted some shiitake mushrooms. His mushrooms were the size of a small dinner plate. I have never seen shiitake’s that size!

Not a proud momma moment, but my daughter and I fought over them. I mean, literally, took stabs at each other with our forks-they were so good.

On Sunday, during a trip to a farmer’s market nearby, I was able to pick up some shiitakes. Not the size of our neighbors but a whole quart! That should mean we shouldn’t have to fight over them…no promises.

Sauteed Mushrooms

Remove the stems from your shiitakes.
Slice thinly.
In a sauté pan, heat 2 tablespoons butter (homemade is best, see here.)
When butter is melted and just starting to bubble, add mushrooms and just a pinch of salt.
Sauté until golden.

While we enjoy them plain, we also like to eat them over toast spread with butter.



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