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garden and herbs update

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Today I wanted to share with you an update on our garden and herbs. Lots of pictures, little text.
Gardening is hard work, but very rewarding. The kids get a huge thrill watching the little green shoots struggle to the surface.
Nothing tastes sweeter than the plants that you have grown and labored over. Whether you use them simply or in gourmet fusion combinations, they are a delight. I hope that this update inspires you to try some gardening on your own.


This year I planted several varieties of basil: lime, lemon, purple, Thai and lettuce leaf.  All were planted in containers, but I also planted Thai and lettuce leaf as seedlings to be planted in the garden.  One can never have too much pesto…


Coriander (cilantro)


This is the same chive plant I have had for 6 years.  It just continues to grow.  We use it most often for eggs with goat cheese.


Container garden is great for greens.  In this case, swiss chard.  Unfortunately, our son accidentally tipped the pot when the plants were still young and we lost several.  I will get more seeds and plant them after these are harvested.


More basil.

DSC01445Sage (same plant for 4 years).  This year I am going to try making a sage pesto.  More basil and some thyme.


Broccoli, carrots (yellow), peppers, leeks and strawberries.




Spring veggies:  Snap peas (several batches harvest already!), golden beets, purple carrots (variety dragon), red beets.


Golden beets and carrots


Oh, these beautiful carrots!


Red beets


Mounds of cucumbers (two varieties), golden and green zucchini (planted 2 days ago!)


Garlic!  And yes, we’ve already delved into the scapes!


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