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Working means not so much time for things around the house. It also means I have to be super-organized. Running late means I have only 15 minutes to make dinner. And now, I have gone gluten-free as well as my spouse, so we are very limited on what we can order out.

And here is where the crazy weather has cooperated. I’ve had four snow days in the last two weeks. Days filled with stock piling. I have been able to peruse my cookbooks, menu-plan, plan ahead.

And to plan for the most important meal of the day…
Breakfast…what to do with breakfast. Everyone is in a hurry to get going, get out. One of our holiday gifts this year, was a waffle maker from my parents. But waffles! How are you suppose to do waffles on day when you have four people getting ready in one in bathroom, leaving the house at different times and headed in four different directions.

You freeze them, of course…

Using your favorite waffle recipe, make a large batch – double or triple. What you don’t eat immediately, freeze in a container – let cool to room temperature. If you freeze while they are still hot or warm, the moisture will make the waffles stick to each other when you freeze them which makes it difficult to separate. We break our waffles into fourths because the kids can’t eat whole waffles.
To re-heat, pull the waffles out of their packaging. Place on an unprepared cookie sheet. Place into a pre-heated oven at 350 degrees, flipping after about 6 minutes. Serve when heated thoroughly.


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