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things i’m loving lately

My six-year old and I are going back to camp with these beauties.

This was a huge hit!

Love to try this new craft project after I finish this one for my partner.

Thinking about this for my daughter’s birthday.

Our most recent book club read. It was phenomenal!

As always, loving the earthy smell of Vetiver in the house!

Or, some Sweet Basil in an oil burner! (Not for use on body!)

Just a few!


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rainy morning activity

This week is suppose to be warm, almost summer like.  But this morning dawned a shady grey as the clouds from yesterday’s rainstorm finish passing through.  So before things clear up, we have created an art gallery in our home. We placed each piece to her specifications and then labeled them all with her choice of name.  We will keep it up throughout the week, as I am sure my daughter will drag all of our neighbors through the house this week.

Here’s a tour:


A Study of Paw Prints


The Slithering Snake Field


Everything in the Whole Wide World Scientist


The Sweating Day with the Fruit Mix


Crowned Royalty


The Fluffy Sparkle House


The Purple Princess


The Green Bow


Mrs. P and Luna Walk on Valentine’s Day


Pretty Flowers and Polka Dots


Luna finding Mrs. P on Flower Island


Belle and the Glorious Flowers


The Rainbow and Beautiful Flower


Caroline and Luna go to see the Diamond


ABC’s and 123’s


The Magician Who Put Sparkles in Outer Space

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recent finds

I must apologize for my absence.  My partner was out of town Monday and Tuesday (posting is difficult when you are the only parent!) and yesterday I was dealing with a migraine.

I’d like to share with you some recent finds, from the inter-connected web.

This lovely article by the Gluten-free Goddess on celiac and gluten-free living.

Drooling over this, at Smitten Kitchen.

Loving this amazing Great Gatsby menu.  (Still haven’t seen the movie, but looking forward to it!)

My daughter has been planning her birthday party for months (we celebrate her 1/2 in June because the actual is December 26!)  Her latest request, here.

Trying to figure out what I should make with these lovely fabrics.

Working hard to complete one of these projects for mother’s day/mom’s birthday.

Hope you enjoy!